Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories

Learn how In-Line Safety have saved thousands for our clients with Health and Safety Best Practice.

Success Story 1 – Fire Risk Assessment

A fire safety equipment installation company carried out a fire risk assessment for a large block of flats that called for £250,000 worth of improvements including fire alarms, detectors and emergency lighting throughout the common areas and new flat doors to all the properties. Our client thought this excessive and had us re-assess it. After doing so and discussing our findings with the Local Authority Fire Safety Officer, we determined that none of the above was actually necessary. A few recommendations were made and carried out for an overall cost saving of over £245,000.

Success Story 2 – Construction Health and Safety

An NHS Trust was tasked with ‘fitting-out’ a newly built 7 storey ‘path and pharm’ building. They were given 4 months to complete the project or face penalties of £1,000,000 a week if it ran late. As CDM Coordinator we looked at the requirements and decided to take on the role of Principal Contractor ourselves. We arranged with the building company to lease their welfare and storage units rather than having them removed and our own put in, for an initial saving of £90,000, then organised some 250 workers from 65 different contracted companies and ensured outstanding cooperation and teamwork throughout the length of the project. The work was completed within budget and 2 weeks ahead of schedule, and no penalty payments were required.

Success Story 3 – Fire Risk Assessment

A national retailer of electronic equipment changed the racking in their national distribution warehouse raising it in height so as to accommodate more stock. Their insurance company then asked them to install new intermediate sprinklers due to the increased risk and changed layout, as the cost for doing this was just under £500,000 or client asked us to reassess the fire risks. We were able to prove beyond doubt that there was in fact no increased fire risk and that the existing sprinkler system was perfectly adequate to handle the situation as it was. The insurance company accepted our findings for an overall saving of over £499,000 to our client.

Success Story 4 – Asbestos Survey

A Local Authority was having trouble in one of its listed buildings. There was a large void space between a listed decorative ceiling and the roof above which needed to be accessed for servicing the light fittings. However, the safety line system had no inspection record and no asbestos survey had been carried out within the void. It was a typical ‘Catch-22’ situation, the asbestos surveyors couldn’t go in without the safety line being tested and certified, and the line testers couldn’t go in until an asbestos survey had been carried out. As we are qualified to undertake both services, we went in fully prepared for and protected from asbestos, inspected and certified the safety line system then used it to carry out a complete asbestos survey. Completing both tasks simultaneously also saved our client the extra costs of hiring two separate companies to do the same job that we did.

Success Story 5 – Fire Risk Assessment

A national builders merchant asked us to design and specify emergency lighting and fire alarm systems rather than having their alarm companies do this, for depots that had outdated systems or none at all. Our designs, strictly adhering to the BS 5839 Part 1 L2/M and other standards, saved our client so much money that they were able to fit out 30% more of their properties than they had planned for in that first budgetary year..