Anchor Hanover – Case Study

Care Home; Rented and Leasehold Schemes

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Anchor Hanover – Background

Anchor Hanover has approximately 690 premises nationally within Anchor’s property portfolio where fire risk assessment works were required, which are then split into three building categories, namely Care Homes, Rented schemes and leasehold schemes.

All of Anchor Hanover premises had a fire risk assessment carried out by ANC in house team with two types of actions arising, either a Management actions or a Property action. There were approximately 6500 property actions identify within these fire risk assessments. The Management actions are carried out by each Scheme Manager, however there was no management process in place to validate, specify and quality assess the property actions works, and therefore In-Line Safety Ltd, were appointed to carry out this project.

Anchor Hanover

Pre-Construction Phase

Validation and Specification

Prior to any works commencing at a specific scheme we examine the existing fire risk assessment and assess if all works within the fire risk assessment are realistically required to be carried out. Once this has been assessed, the specification of works is completed and sent to the incumbent contractor to cost using agreed rates.

Anchor HanoverProvision/development of pre-construction information

We then develop the pre-construction information for Anchors Principle Designer and Principle Contractor, who require information about what is to be constructed, the specific sites and existing structures and hazards that may be present such as asbestos, overhead cables, and services. Providing this information at an early stage assists in the planning and problem resolution, along with the timescales and budget for the programme which can help set the standards for managing the project and health and safety.

Design Meeting

For more complex projects, we attend design meetings with specific specialist contractors (such as on installation of new cross corridor door sets / loft compartmentation) to ensure that the brief of works is understood and that health and safety requirements for the project have been included during the design phase of that project.

Asbestos Refurbishment Surveys

Prior to any works commencing by a contractor, a bespoke asbestos refurbishment and demolition survey is carried out by In-Line Safety to specific areas where works are required to be undertaken. If any asbestos is identified which will be disturbed by the works, then this is also costed to be removed.