Fire Door Inspections

Fire Door Inspections

The Law

  • Legal Requirement – The RRFSO requires that, where necessary, the responsible person ensures that all facilities, equipment and devices provided for fire safety are maintained and that a maintenance system is in place.
  • Fire resisting doors and escape doors must be correctly installed and maintained as ‘fit for purpose’.
  • Applies to all buildings and other domestic housing.
  • BS 476 – Fire tests on building materials and structures (including fire doors). Method of test to determine the classification of the surface spread of flame of products

Points to Consider

  • Is it a Fire Door?
  • Does it need to be a Fire Door?
  • Could it be a specific or notional Fire Door?
  • Is it compliant?

Who is Responsible?

The person who has day-to-day control of the premises.

“The Responsible Person”

What sectors do we inspect/protect?

  • Care homes.
  • Private Healthcare.
  • Hospitals.
  • Social Housing.
  • High Rise Blocks.
  • Offices and Commercial premises.

What do you get from an In-Line Safety Fire Door Inspection (FDI)?

With In-Line Safety’s wealth of knowledge, which has been gained from over 14 years of professional Fire Risk Assessing and training on Passive Fire Stopping. We are highly qualified to carry out Fire Door Inspections as an integral part of your compartmentation and building fire strategy.

In-Line Safety’s technical team have primarily come from a construction background, so we have a full understanding of building design and make-up. This enables us to look beyond the façade of a ‘finished fire door’, and give you a true and thorough inspection report on your Fire Doors and Front Entrance Doors (FED)… how they have been installed, and whether they are compliant and fit for purpose.

On completion of the FDI we will produce for you a complete Schedule of Works for any rectification works required that is suitable and sufficient to be passed to a contractor for purposes of pricing.

What do we do?

What’s involved in an In-Line Safety Fire Door Inspection ?

  • Overall condition fire doors – Assess.
  • Gaps between door and frame -Assess.
  • Assessment of base gaps.
  • Assessment of closer suitability and speed
  • Suitability and condition of intumescent and smoke seals. – Assess
  • Condition of hinges – Assess.
  • Notional assessment and confirmation of either FD30, FD30s, FD60 or FD60s.
  • Assessment of fire characteristics and suitability of letterboxes.
  • Assessment and suitability of fire door signage.
  • Glazing assessment either by etchings or notional assessment.
  • Surround glazing assessment either by etchings or notional assessment.
  • Glazed borrowed light assessment either by etchings or notional assessment.
  • Door frame condition assessment.
  • Door Jamb condition assessment.
  • Handle and furniture condition assessment.